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Hi, We’re Dzynin. Your new AI Agency. We are strategists, analysts and developers who approach AI through a product & customer centric lens. 


will artificial intelligence help your organisation?

It probably already is. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) combines many different approaches to build computers capable of solving new types of problems or interacting with us in new ways.

Consult our team to understand how we can help getting your Disruptive Applications off the ground.

We have developed numerous web 3 applications built and delivered not from corporate servers but instead residing on independent nodes. 

Our Services

A Web 3.0 Agency that helps you blitzscale through a data driven approach to transform your online footprint.


Computer Vision

Get the best advice how you can benefit from adapting custom computer vision systems.

3D Vision

We have built custom 3D AI models for businesses as well actively sold tailored use case models on Modelplace and other marketplaces.

Natural language processing

We have a wealth of experience in developing Multi-functional and custom made natural language processing models for various business use-cases, from recommendation engines to chat-bots.

Deep Learning

Ready to dive into building a neural network for your business use-case, consult with us to discuss how you can leverage the power of Artificial neural networks.