Growth Hacking Strategy – How your growth agency should leverage post-covid market

Growth Hacking Strategy – How your growth agency should leverage post-covid market

October 6, 2020 Growth hacking 0
covid growth marketing strategy

We have all heard the phrase used since the lockdown began, that this is a war “against an invisible enemy”. While generally true yet small businesses have chosen to fight this war. They have begun growth hacking their way out with innovative marketing strategies.

1 ) Business as usual

continue the day-to-day and long term business growth planning as though this pandemic is just a blimp in our lives that will soon
disappear without leaving any residual changes

2) Walking towards the change

this is where most businesses reside , they have a small digital presence in the form a under-optimised website .
There is no serious strategy and planning towards seo, ppc, content , social media.
There is very little if any understanding of buyer profile and
buyer data, to help digital exposure and convert leads into sales.

3) Leading the change

this is the group that will take the prize home. They have been well prepared and positioned for their specific online marketplace.
They have been running optimised digital ads, have a social media following through the help of influencers in their market. Also they are actively leveraging the shift towards online consumer habits.

Recent Studies show there is now a sharp increase in all online activity since the global pandemic took hold. Two clear segments of this increased activity are streamable media(54%) and people are spending 43% more time on social media. This change hasn’t gone unnoticed by the wider business community from startups to fortune 500, all are gearing towards a more digital presentation of their value proposition. All this has led to an abundance in online marketing activity.

What about growth hacking for small business?

A comprehensive Covid digital & growth hacking strategy now revolves around influencer marketing, smart insights, language processing through machine learning, search engine optimisation, social media, google ads aswell as a holistic pay per click marketing strategy.

Now how do small business leverage these factors in their covid growth marketing strategy; whilst still juggling their daily business operations.

growth hacking agency in london
Covid-19 the great digital reset?

Create loyalty programmes

Despite E-commerce generating revenues in the billions, 80% of brands lack a loyalty programme on their online marketing strategy. There size requires a bureacratic process to be completed for a campaign to sign off, This is exactly what some digital campaigns are exploiting. The smaller you’re business is the more it can scale by being nimble.

Champion your community

Take the example of Brewdog, The scottish brewery & pub chain improvised a growth hack by altering it’s production line to produce hand sanitisers . They also actively donated to the NHS & local charities.

And how exactly do I create a growth hacking strategy

This is where your specialist growth hacking london agency help you create a winning digital marketing strategy, by understanding factors like your unique selling points & market standing to triangulate where and how your ad spend should go. We at Dzynin extract smart insights through careful use of machine learning algorithms to your campaign data.

It’s important to regularly check the planned campaign is achieving the desired goals. Some of the ways to check are through the use of acquisition dashboards and A/B testing.

using machine learning models can improve your search engine optimisation upto 38%

Growth Hacking the customer funnel

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Unlike traditional marketing , growth hacking relies on blending the tried and tested methods & approaches with unconventional and out of the box methods.

  1. Understanding the pirate funnel

     The aptly named Pirate funnel helps the business decide where to focus attention for growth hacks.

  2. Dividing the company’s crucial elements through AAARRR!!!

    The term Pirate Funnel was original coined by an entrepreneur by the name of Dave McClure. His basic idea was to divide the funnel into AAARRR!!!

  3. Awareness of growth areas

    Can your company benefit from tinkering with the price , the product or the market to which you are aiming at.

  4. Acquisiton of users

    Are your user acquisition metrics hindered by a price sensitivity point, or a missing feature in the product or funnel.

  5. Activiation metrics

    How long do your customers take to activate your product or service

  6. Retention metrics

    How engaged are your users, can the addition of a feature transition them from liking to loving your product

  7. Revenue metrics

    What is the rate of revenue growth month on month, how can it be improved

  8. Refferral programme

    Making sure your customers being adequately rewarded for their loyalty

Our approach towards Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate streamlining can help increment ROI by guaranteeing a greater amount of your traffic is turning over. We probable won’t uncover all the factors however here are two laws that summarise Conversion rate optimisation services that our growth agency provides.

Jakob’s law

Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know
Tasteful Usability law

Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable.

Although it does seem counter-intuitive at first , user-experience plays a significant role . What’s the site’s appearance got to do with how the google search engine interprets my website. It is now accepted in digital marketing parlance. the higher your user engagement is the better your relevancy rating which in turn helps your seo.

There’s no re-thinking concerning CRO. Using laws like this, we direct multivariate testing and A/B testing to test distinctive welcome pages and recognize which is performing best. By then, considering our results, we execute these movements to extend execution on your site.

Growth Marketing for small business post covid-19
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Growth Marketing for small business post covid-19
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